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Bill Fixers Review

Bill Fixers is a service that sounds too good to be true: the company claims to contact service providers on your behalf in order to instantly lower your monthly bills. Here’s our Bill Fixers review.

What is Bill Fixers?

Bill Fixers, found at, is an online service that claims to lower the cost of your cable, cell phone, home phone, and satellite prices.

To do that, Bill Fixers uses a simple three step process:

Step 1) You Contact Bill Fixers: Fill out the form online or call the company. Tell them how much you’re currently paying for service and how much you’d like to be paying. You can also tell them about extra levels of service you’d like and the price you’d be willing to pay.

Step 2) Bill Fixers Contacts your Providers: Bill Fixers will contact your provider and “wade through the endless call lines, transfers, hangups, and red tape to find promotional offers, negotiate better rates, and implement any changes you’re interested in while we lower your bills.” Bill Fixers claims to maintain an expert team of negotiators who have years of experience getting better deals for customers.

Step 3) You Save Money: “If we aren’t able to negotiate a lower rate for you, there’s no charge. Guaranteed.”

Basically, Bill Fixers is betting that its negotiation skills are good enough to win you over. If the company can’t negotiate a lower rate with your provider, then you don’t pay anything.

If the company does successfully negotiate a lower rate, then you will pay 50% of the first year’s total annual savings.

How Much Does Bill Fixers Cost?

As mentioned above, Bill Fixers will only cost you money if the company was able to successfully negotiate a lower rate for your services.

Once that lower rate has been successfully negotiated, Bill Fixers will charge you a fee based on the amount you are expected to save. Here’s how the website explains it:

“Our cost is a percentage of the total yearly savings we obtain for you from your service providers, making us extremely motivated to save you as much money as possible. Our standard rate is 50% of the first year’s savings.”

You can also save additional money with Bill Fixers by referring your friends and family to the service. For each person you refer, you’ll receive 5% of their savings.

How Much Can You Expect to Save with Bill Fixers?

Bill Fixers negotiates deals with your cable, cell phone, home phone, satellite providers, and more to reduce your monthly bills. The amount you can save will depend on how much you spend on these servings.

Bill Fixers claims that its customers save “an average of 35% off their bills.”

As an example, Bill Fixers claims that a customer with a $200 monthly bill could be expected to reduce that bill to $130. Over an entire year, that accounts for savings of $840. You pay half of that amount ($420) to Bill Fixers and the other half is your own personal amount saved.

Bill Fixers also negotiates for additional services that may or may not have concrete cash value. One customer testimonial claims that Katie was able to save $520 on her annual internet bill and the negotiators also got her free cable.

Types of Bills Negotiated

Bill Fixers does more than just negotiate with your ISP. In fact, the company claims to negotiate “any bills you send us.”

Some of the sample bills sent to the company include:

— Internet
— Landline
— Cellular
— Satellite radio
— “Any other type of bill you throw our way”

To send Bill Fixers a bill, you just need to download, scan, or photograph your latest bill from that service provider, then email that to Bill Fixers.

How to Get Started with Bill Fixers

Bill Fixers makes getting started easy. The website has a secure online form where you enter your contact information and upload your bills under the “My Bills” section.

You can get started with that online form here:

There’s also a spot where you can add additional notes – like a passcode for your account or any recent changes that have been made. Once you’ve completed this process, you submit your request and Bill Fixers will get started.

About Bill Fixers is owned and operated by a company named BillFixers LLC.

That company can be reached by email at or by phone at 1 (707) 532-4557.

According to Yelp, BillFixers LLC is based at the following address in Nashville:

BillFixers LLC
4610 Charlotte pike
Nashville, TN 37209

The Yelp listing also claims that the company’s phone number is (515) 966-0196, which is different from the phone number listed at the main website. For what it’s worth, BillFixers LLC has a perfect 5 star rating on Yelp – although there are only 3 listed reviews.

At the Bill Fixers About Us page, you’ll learn that the company was founded by two brothers from Nashville TN who “hate paying bills”. The two brothers – Julian and Ben Kurland – launched a company to help “take money out of the pockets of giant corporations and pass it on to you without you having to put down your book or take time off work.”